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Dom Kennedy shows us what he was up to "After School" [Video]

Despite his undeniable talent, as confirmed by the critical-acclaim of his Yellow Album mixtape, Dom Kennedy continues to be known and adored only by the underground hip hop community despite having a hit like “My Type of Party” under his belt. His most recent project, Get Home Safely, in spite of not garnering as much acclaim as the L.A. rapper’s Yellow Album, is a very strong project with a lot of depth and breadth to it. Although several months have passed since the release of his second studio album, Kennedy has released the visuals for one of the more popular tracks off the album “After School”.

 Adhering to the title of the track, the video of “After School” finds Dom Kennedy chilling at his old high school stomping grounds as he reminisces about fond memories of friends from high school who unfortunately have past away. The track’s subject matter teeters from positive to somber as Dom raps, “If I make it to heaven/ I hope their still drinking brew/ I hope I get to see Nick/ Me and him have a few”. When watching the video, one can’t help but reflect on their own past memories as Kennedy’s slow-churning flow whisks the viewer into a state of self-reflection. It is this effect that makes both the track and visuals of “After School” so powerful. The subject matter triggers questions that we all contemplate from time to time like “If I’ll make it to heaven?” or if we will ever see our own personal lost ones again in a next life? Like Dom we will just have to wait and see because some questions can never be truly answered unlike most questions teachers ask in school.

You can stream the video for "After School" below and you can support Dom Kennedy by purchasing his album Get Home Safely via iTunes.


Dom Kennedy

After School [Video]

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  • 2014-08-05
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