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Bailiff gives us the track of the summer with "Golden Hour"

Chicago based rock trio Bailiff have unleashed the track of the summer "Golden Hour" off of their latest LP Remise released last spring. Comprised of Josh Seigel, Ren Mathew and Owen O'Malley, the group has a long running history of crafting decidedly straight rock-based tunes with that hook they're known for within the music industry. The focus on a catchy hook is a feature that sets them back to the American British blues invasion in the best way possible. The Remise LP also borrowed stylistic elements from West African blues, Celtic folk and even a dose of modern edgy electro pop. Here, the group has expounded on their ability to keep the listener hooked with a driving beat and guitar riffs accessorized with old school blues vocals.

We think that there has already been a chain reaction from the track, and a good dose of background "Ooo" vocals to match. 

Blues · Folk Rock


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