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Arno Cost & Norman Doray tell us their methods of staying "Strong"

"Strong" is not the first instance of collaboration between producers Norman Doray and Arno Cost. But the release out last week on Size Records might be one of their most memorable. Both boasting robust experience in creating melodies that create excitement on the dance floor and when delivered via headphones, "Strong" has me hoping they will continue to work together more often. The track's superhero intentions are delivered through funky theme-like synths and my favorite part, the creation of a layered backdrop against rallying vocals.

The video for "Strong" takes these intentions to another level, creating characters for both Cost and Doray as they compete in a hyped up battle for the ages in a fittingly retro scene. Both DJ's have given us their outlook on how they best stay "strong," given through the lens of the video's added story line. Check out the track and the video below.


Arno Cost

  1. Drinking Harissa bottoms up 
  2. Calling a taxi and when the man asks you where you want to go, saying "To infinity, and beyond!”
  3. Swimming the English Channel in February
  4. Getting drunk and free-climbing the Eiffel Tower 
  5. When someone says "Have a nice day!" replying "Don't tell me what to do!

Norman Doray

  1. Running everyday in the snow, being chased by whites wolves
  2. Playing American football with soccer ball
  3. Listening to Pauly D's set without earplugs
  4. Eating pastas without wine
  5. Staying in a studio with Arno Cost while he is smoking 20 cigarettes in 30 minutes

Arno Cost, Norman Doray


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