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San Francisco Outside Lands: we dare you not to bring a sweater [Event Preview]

Nestled in the heart of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco’s largest expanse of natural landscape that takes over 50 blocks of the city’s west side, Outside Lands continues to grow and exceed the expectations of Northern California festivalgoers. Known for a perfect blend of stunning scenery, superstar talent, and upscale food and drink, the late summer (or early summer for SF) event has become a sensible alternative to Coachella, which calls to a slightly different kind of crowd. If you haven’t been paying attention to all things OSL this year, we have a quick update on the things we are most looking forward to at the festival, and some reminders about event logistics.

First and foremost: Bring a sweater. Bring a jacket. Just bring anything warm.


 The Acts We Can't Wait To See

Tegan & Sara

Twin sisters and talented musicians, the two Canadians have amassed a loyal following across continents and genres alike. Their tracks can be heard playing in crowded clubs, through lonely speakers at the dead of night, and leaking from headphones during morning commutes. Why? Because you feel their music in your bones.



At the very end of last year, we had the privilege of premiering AER's track "Spades, Clubs & Diamonds" and followed that up with an interview just this February. Hailing from Massachusetts, the dudes will be sure not to disappoint with their hip hop-leaning sound.


Having just put out his Awake EP a few months back, the American producer has wowed fans and critics alike with his mellow work that demonstrates an innate mastery of instrumentals and electronic.

Lykke Li

Holding her own against Ellie Goulding as one of the most-remixed female pop singers of current times, Lykke Li has an iconic voice that lends itself to being reimagined, but you'll get to listen to her in all her nature wonder.

Gold Panda

I heard from my friend that Gold Panda was his favorite artist at Lightening In A Bottle, which comes as no surprise from the ambient to deep electronic maestro who has cemented himself as an industry fuxture..


Some of us may be looking for a trip down memory lane, at least I am when I think of Spoon. Though the guys just put out a new album, They Want My Soul, "I Summon You" and "The Way We Get By" must make an appearance somewhere in there.



Jagwar Ma

No introduction is needed here. Jagwar Ma have crisscrossed continents, playing some of the biggest festivals the world has to offer. Be sure to get lost in the building, beat-centric sets that cross into another dimension.


 The Food & Drank

Local favorites will abound, serving up inventive bites that push the boundaries of culinary cuisine. Here are a few menus that we will be sure to check out.


  • Homeroom: the East Bay carboholic's staple, Homeroom has made a name for itself with their boundless macaroni and cheese creations. Gilroy Garlic Mac and Cheese will be on the menu for OSL.
  • Nombe: You have to eat it to believe it, Nombe will be serving up their infamous Ramenburger, a combination of Waygu beef and pork belly sandwiched between two buns made out of ramen noodles.
  • Rich Table: A fixture in the picturesque San Francisco Hayes Valley neighborhood, Rich Table's menu features puffed quinoa, Fort Bragg Black Sea Urchin, and this tasty bite, dried porcini donuts
  • Straw: The carnival-themed restaurant will have a cheeseburger with two glazed donuts bookending all fixings you want. Though we can't promise the option will be available at OSL, at the real restaurant you can even make it a double with bacon and a fried egg. 
  • Wise Sons Deli: Down in the heart of the Mission you'll find a great variety of some of The City's best food, which includes the famous pastrami sandwiches and pastrami cheese fries from Wise Sons Deli.
  • Over 60 Breweries and Wineries will be on hand, housed around the festival as well as in the Wine and Beer Lands areas. Special shoutout to Bear Republic's Racer 5 for being a crucial part of my college and current post-college life.


 Just The Tips:

  • Bring something warm.
  • Get on the buses at earlier stops in the routes. E.g. grab the 38L at Montgomery instead of Civic Center.
  • Parking on the north side of the event will most likely be better, though you should really make accommodations for alternative transportation.
  • This may be the only time of the year that AirBnb places out in the Sunset or Richmond will be at a premium. Book now!
  • Did we already say to bring something warm?




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