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Dmize gives us a light-hearted rework of "Cut To Black" [Premiere]


Chicago based indie pop and electro artist Dmize has released his vocal rework of “Cut To Black” exclusively on our site today in preparation for his upcoming EP and collaborations with Vaski and Louis The Child. Known as his respective city’s “golden child,” the revision is a veritable blend of modern pop genres with that light-hearted indie pop and electronica vibe that transfers perfectly into the humid late summer days. If nothing else, the track is instantly accessible to the listener with both its originality and blend of modern upbeat elements.

On the track Dmize said, “I remember listening to an instrumental version of Cut to Black while driving alongside the Chicago harbor on a cloudy day, and I started singing that "La da da da da da" melody. It's super happy..but a little nostalgic. The song tells the story of the promise of a love that can't be."

We think that while the rendition may not be able to promise a physical love, it’ll surely incite affectionate feelings in anyone who listens.

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