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The Chainsmokers saw your #selfie and can't stop "Drinking About You"

Many bands have suffered the fate of the inevitable one-hit wonder. Smashmouth may have farted out a couple of tracks before and after “All-Star,” and Semisonic may have more songs than the late-night bar call “Closing Time” but honestly who gives a shit? That is their claim to fame and that is all they will ever be known for. One group of noble steeds is straddling the edge of stardom and wondering if they will launch to the moon to sit above the clouds or will the plummet to the pits of songs that never were with Sisqo, Baha Men, Tonic, and The Verve? Only time will tell, but that time is now. On August 5th, NYC Duo The Chainsmokers will be releasing their second original track “Kanye” which you can hear a snippet of here. Quite cockily the lyrics profess, “One day I’ll stand with the crown on my head like a God. With every step no I won’t second guess what I want.” Seeing as the song is called “Kanye,” me thinks Alex and Drew want to be like Yeezey himself (hopefully sans-rants)

In anticipation of the next original release, The Chainsmokers have teamed up with Bebe Rexha, who they first worked with when they remixed “Take Me Home.” Now up to bat is another airy and minimalistic progressive house remix of her single “Drinking About You.” Bebe’s raspy vocals float effortlessly over the light atmospheric melodies and jabbing synth lines that make inspire one to take shots and drink away the pain. Amidst all the #selfies, American Idol appearances, traveling to world like Carmen San Diego, and being benefited ballers it appears someone may be a little salty about a break-up. But hey, as Kid President once said, you can cry about it or you can dance about. So numb the pain and dance the days away.

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Kyle Jaimes
Kyle Jaimes
6 years ago

*Baha Men* as in Bahamas. Not Baja California. :)
Don't think Chainsmokers have to worry about being a one hit wonder. Everything they put out is class.