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Laidback Luke takes on new era of music with "Bae" featuring Gina Turner

The man who helped pioneer the electro house revolution is venturing into new territory today. With labels like Spinnin' Records answering the complaints of the homogenization of dance music from listeners with deeper, groovier releases, it appears dance music legend Laidback Luke is doing the same. Though for LBL, this exploration of a new type of bass might not be an answer to a complaint, but a move into the next phase of his career and turning a new leaf for his own Mixmash Records. Returning to the house genre where he began his production career, "Bae" features the vocals of Gina Turner, and features a uniquely refreshing blend of the contemporary and the future of dance with the range of sounds it combines. Yet, this shift in sound is all while still sounding like LBL, with some electro edge and of course a cheeky title. Check it out below.


Laidback Luke

"Bae" Featuring Gina Turner

  • Mixmash
  • MIXMA161
Dance · House


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