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Sir Michael Rocks' Shining new video for "Bussin" hypes the release of 'Banco'

Spooky Willy Wonka samples teamed with the sleek image of a blonde blowing up a balloon should now be considered an effective way to kick off a rap video. Sir Michael Rocks just dropped the accompanying visuals to his big track “Bussin” and clearly already knew about the success-guaranteeing aforementioned formula. The glitchy “Bussin” sees Rocks, of The Cool Kids, bring in Casey Veggies and IamSU! With his new album Banco on the horizon, Rocks has turned up the pressure heading into the home stretch, as this new video adds yet more intrigue to the suspicious sounds of “Bussin”, which is quickly becoming a house-party favourite with over 130K listens on SoundCloud.

Rocks recently told XXL about his Hollywood ambitions heading into the creation of this new project: “I wanted it to be like Jack Nicholson’s old scary movie with the twins in the hotel hallways”. If wasn’t already a huge effort from The Cool Kids camp, “Bussin” is certainly Shining now, with the filmic dimension introducing new elements of charisma to Sir Michael Rocks’ act. Highlights include the disjointed camera cuts and loops which engage the viewer further, as well as the general cold aura which is subsequently achieved by the recurring scenes. Banco, the first Cool Kids release since 2011’s When Fish Ride Bicycles, is due to surface on July 29th via 6 Cell Phones. You can immerse yourself in the twisted world of “Bussin” below.

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