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MoBo The Great describes "The Law (Of Attractions)"

Does Mobo The Great sound familiar to anyone? Well it should - as the 20-year-old hip hop artist from Chicago, Illinois, twice made made a name for herself on the rap circuit when she joined Jay Z onstage at the age of 16 during his Blueprint 3 tour and perfected an encore by getting onstage again during the Magna Carta Holy Grail tour last year, spitting live verses on both occasions. A feat [literally] nobody else on planet earth can say.

Since then, she dropped her debut single, "Get The Money," with local radio station Power92 and has done shows with Sasha Go Hard, Caleb James, Alex Wiley, and more.

Having grown up outside the city's limits in neighboring Kankakee, Mobo makes a play on the classic "Dead Presidents" anthem of the 90's in her new music video. Both are a perfect play on the 20-year-loop of hip hop and a brilliant introduction into the kind of bars that got Jay to hand over his phone number. Shot by APJ Films, the video is subtle, allowing her art and skill to speak for itself over The Gift's production.

Mobo's project, FTP, is due out near the end of August. Peep the video below.

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6 years ago

thank you to for one of the most amazing write ups. I appreciate it so much