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Robyn & Röyksopp premiere music video for "Do It Again"

Radio-friendly and longtime fans have rejoiced over the Do It Again collaboration from Robyn & Royksopp. Poppy and edgy, the EP and coordinating tour have been the talk of the summer. And if you've been following the artists involved on Instagram at all, you might have noticed the glimpses they've been posting into the video shoot for the EP's title single, "Do It Again." Well it's out today, and as any well-done music video does, it takes the literal and figurative emotions we feel from the record's original tone and lyrics and completely expands on them, giving the song a newer deeper meaning that we couldn't imagine was possible. As the vignettes of "Do It Again" pass by, we see multiple story lines across seemingly different, ambiguous time periods, all conveying various forms of fortitude and strength of the individual and passion of a group, with an end goal in mind whether it's right or wrong. There are those defying authority and building new communities, shared discovery, the adrenaline of a passionate belief, overcoming personal obstacles, physical rebirth and simply, finding love. Check out the video below, as well as the upcoming tour dates for the group.

Upcoming Do It Again US tour dates: 

  • August 20                    Pier 97 (New York, NY)
  • August 21                    Wolftrap (Washington, DC)
  • August 22                    HB Pavilion (Boston, MA)
  • August 24                    Pritzker Pavilion (Chicago, IL)
  • August 27                    Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Denver, CO)



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