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Y.A.N.K.E.E. drops "Rule The World" [Video]

The fabled rags to riches motif is something that can never abandon the culture of hip-hop. It's music for the people - by the people, and while being respected by all is the goal of many representing said music, it's the journey (better known as the come-up) that's just as important. it's the reason behind Biggie's admiration for Hollywood's mythological super kingpin Frank White. It's the thing legends are made of. Put simply, everyone can respect the come up and every man wants to be King...at least for a day. 

Charged Up Enterprise artist Y.A.N.K.E.E. chimes in on his ideal surrounding the age old theme on his single "Rule The World". The visuals, directed by Monsee', are fitting at the least; a king atop his throne, his noblemen beside him, and of course, an exemplary display of turning up. The video comes in lieu of the artist mixtape, Versatile, dropping 08.12.14 hosted by DJ Infamous.                                               

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