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space-camp debuts their visual-happy video for "Chrome Chopper" [Premiere]

Apparently there are good things that can come out of hours spent waiting at Jury Duty: the possibility of meeting a stranger, bonding over a love of music, and taking that time spent to later form a band. Though it sounds far-fetched, that’s what the early days of Toronto-based production duo space_camp looked like. Made up of two guys who live their lives in pursuit of the next best thing in music, their productions together have been all over before settling in electronic music. And their latest continues to do just that, proving their level of knowledge in the studio through turning a sample of the spinning blades of a helicopter and turning it into “Chrome Chopper.” The first single off of their self-titled space_campEP that's due out this fall, it pretty much defines "awesome." We’ve got a first look at the accompanying video below, which breaks down visuals while building an impressive technical feat. Using a futuristic, graphic style, the guys teamed up with visual artist MCPHERSO to take our favorite entrancing visualizer effects into the contemporary age. The video features 4,816 triangle shapes, and is a reminder that sometimes, simple visuals like this are just simply the best. Check it out below.

space_camp – "Chrome Chopper" from MCPHERSO on Vimeo.


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6 years ago

Why do the artist links never work?

6 years ago