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Wara From The NBHD goes urban Supersoaking in "Beige"

If lighting up on the toilet before vibing out to a seizure inducing light show whilst on duty as a janitor is what you look for in a music video then you just struck gold by looking into this new Wara From The NBHD video. These colourful new visuals for “Beige” follow Wara’s last appearance on EARMILK as his N*E*R*D tendencies came through during “Scrilla”; “a dynamic arrangement/tale of wilding out, not giving a f***”. The sounds of “Beige” are a more controlled departure from the jaggedness of “Scrilla” while the video, which sees the Atlanta-based rapper frolic with Supersoakers and a mop, adds another dimension to his seemingly unlimited potential. Wara recently described how the track fits in as a part of his upcoming record Kidnapped, which he produced in full.

“This is the part where the character is changing physically and he's going hard selling drugs, but he just wants to get away for once and see the world outside of his hood. Every kid feels like that at times, growing up seeing all the rappers on TV with their chains shining, the whole 9. And then when you turn it off it’s back to reality, that’s why the beat sounds like paradise, exactly like paradise.”

A snippet of the click-clacking “Piano Lessons” acts as the conclusion to “Beige” and you can expect to enjoy more off-the-wall production, creative lyricism and possibly additional visuals from Wara, with Kidnapped slated to drop on July 29th. Keep it locked with EARMILK for more updates from the NBHD.

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