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Teddy Fantum takes us into his "Reality Interlude", with brand new visuals

Toronto's Teddy Fantum, or TFHouse as he once was known, has been repping the 416 for quite some time now. Whilst other artists from the city, most notably Drake and The Weeknd, have gone on to have major success all across the globe, Fantum's path to greatness hasn't quite gathered that momentum yet. Granted that his sound isn't as mainstream as his Torontonian counterparts, the smoked up, lowkey bangers that Fantum has conjured up have still found themselves a home in the hearts of fans all over the world.

Continuing on from his last project Young Desperado, "Reality Interlude" is the first single to be taken from his upcoming album, Limbo. As the visuals depict the silhouette of Fantum in a pink-lit room rapping his verses over the top of a funky, 80's movie (reminiscent of the Scarface theme tune) sounding beat, with shuffling hi-hats and hard kicks that add a more hip hop flavour to the mix. One things for sure, if the rest of Limbo (which Teddy says is where he finds himself as he evolves from his TFHouse tag that he's had for so long), is anything like "Reality Interlude", then we're in for a treat!

You can peep the video for Teddy Fantum's "Reality Interlude" below, and be sure to be on the look out for Teddy's upcoming project Limbo.

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