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Take a journey with Kyle Rapps on "Where We Go"

 Life has an interesting way of intersecting with our dreams, our goals, and even our relationships. Sometimes it's for the best and sometimes it's for the worst, but instead of playing the role of the victim and shackling ourselves to our mistakes and failures, we need the ability to tell ourselves that "This isn't where I want to be right now. What are the steps I can take to improve my current situation?"

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Having tasted a life wasted, Kyle Rapps has given us a new lease on living with his infectious rhymes and promise of a better future.  "Where We Go" plays out like an inner monologue in which we get to her the thoughts of an artist who has seen sights that would satisfy any traveler's feelings of wanderlust. Besides his ability to gel with this smooth Belief produced gem,  What I dig about Rapps is that every listen will give you another insight into his intricate poet-laureate style of writing; the metaphors for disregarding his past and focusing on the journey ahead will have you spinning this one for weeks on end.  Take five and check this one out right now.  


Hip-Hop · Rap


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