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Eric Sharp seizes the fleeting moments of time with his "Time Away" remix & announces RIS Labs relaunch [Premiere]

Folksinger Andrew Bird says that “Time is a crooked bow,” and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey’s character in True Detective) says that “Time is a flat circle,” but all we know for sure is that time is fleeting. Eric Sharp feels the struggle and distance of time as he professes in his salacious remix of “Time Away” from Give In.  Pulsating bass reverberates like the passing of time as treble synths oscillate like the circular motion of the clock, all reminiscent of the passing fleeting moments suspended in time.  This remix is an exclusive track off Give In’s forthcoming EP, Slow Moves— set for release on RIS Labs July 15. This is their first release in over a year, which also goes hand in hand with the label relaunch announcement. Recently the label moved its headquarters to LA and brought on local luminary Sean Patrick as creative director. This EP marks their relaunch with a fresh collective of forward thinking artists - keep your eyes and ears peeled for more fresh sounds!

Dance · Deep House · Trance


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