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Nothing to fear in The RAA's new track, "Terrified"

Canada's The Rural Alberta Advantage's new song "Terrified" disguises itself as an acoustic folk song for about ten seconds before the rock flavor steps in and carries the ever evolving tune forward.  It's an interesting and attention holding song in that soon as you think you've got the feel of it, it changes and yet the vocal consistency and cleverly written beats keep the sound cohesive and light.

The first time I heard their song "Frank" I liked it, the second time I loved it and the third through tenth time was a repeat blur.  There's something so natural, authentic and original about their sound.  Nils Edenloff's voice is unique and strangely addictive. From a poorly attended open stage night to sold out intimate shows all over Canada; this band has secured a loyal and supportive fan base who eagerly await the release of their album Mended With Gold out September 30th 2014.

Alternative · Folk Rock · Indie


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