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Escapists open your "Eyes" to a warming feeling [Premiere]

With a debut album due out on August 4th, London quartet Escapists have their sights set high towards the future and with their two previously released songs receiving such warm receptions there is no reason to think that the sky isn't the limit. From what we have heard, Escapists are able to take on two distinct sounds in their music. Their debut single "Breaking It Up" took on a heavier, hook driven sound and "Blood", their second single, possessed a calming mentality throughout as hushed vocals only peak at the higher end to accentuate changes in the instrumentals tone. Their latest song "Eyes" may be the most relaxed song yet.

"Eyes" refrains from elevating beyond it's quickly apparent sensation of being warm to the touch. As a model of an early morning calming soundtrack, "Eyes" focuses its lush backing on the soothing and shifting acoustic guitar melody, to which layers of other non-intrusive instrumentals jump on along the way. "Eyes" is a deep song as a whole, climbing until it drops into a break before seamlessly maneuvering into a grooving climax. As a whole, "Eyes" makes us all excited for what is to come on Escapists forthcoming record, out August 4th on Secret Dinosaur Records.

If you are in the mood for more soothing and melodic rock, be sure to check out "Blood" above and preorder their debut album Only Bodies on iTunes here.

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