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Option 4 will "Say The Words To You" and make you move with this remix [Premiere]

If there is one thing that Denver based producer Option 4 isn’t, it’s basic. His music and melodies have house vibes that plunge deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. Girls swoon and guys groove along to his original “Love Like No Other,” and mothers and fathers weep at the beauty of his Great Good Fine Ok remix of “ You’re The One For Me.” His latest remix is no exception, weighing in at stern 115 beats per minute, Option flips James Curd & Luke Million Feat. Nah Man!’s track “Say The Words To You” into a 6 minute longer heater. In this remix, simplistic melodies are paired with intricate layering and melodic runs that evoke utter joy in the listeners’ cerebellum. This remix is up along side remixes of the original from Yolanda Be Cool, D Cup, and Dan X. You can snag the full remix EP on Beatport here.

Dance · Deep House


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