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Oliver Smith returns to Anjunabeats on 'Evermore'

For those of us that are returning from our July 4th holidays over here in the US, today is a rough reality check. But sometimes the best medicine for those excruciating summer Monday blues is a direct reminder of what's still out there waiting us in the freedom of the weekend. Today that comes in the form of the latest release from Anjunabeats, the electronic label where we can always expect a good dose of the beach with new listens. "Evermore" is a track from Anjuna veteran Oliver Smith, as seen as yet another contribution to Anjunabeats Vol. 11th out earlier this summer. Returning from working on a deeper project during the past year, Smith has gone back to his chord-focused, sunny electro club music. Along with a remix from Wrechiski, the Evermore EP is a playful reminder of the weekend's landscape.



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