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The sun sets comfortably over EDX's "Acapulco at Night" remix of Cazzette's "Weapon"

You know a track has got to be good in order for us to feature a remixed artist twice in one week. Such is the case with Cazzette, whose recent, deeper reinvent we've been following with excitement. But today our focus shines on track from their Eject EP release from last year. "Weapon" is a vocally inviting track, whose synth lines were clubby and uplifting. Now Swiss house producer EDX continues his streak of building his club repertoire and classic progressive arsenal, bringing "Weapon" into the latter category with flying colors. His ability to keep the uplifting nature of the original will make it almost impossible to avoid cracking a smile with a listen of this one - check it out. 


Weapon (EDX's Acapulco at Night Remix)


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Live Ayce
6 years ago

“: EDX's "Acapulco at Night" remix of Cazzette's ... - http://t.co/jFIB6OP79s @edxmusic @cazzette” sick remix for real #BeachMusic