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Pressvre takes the "Worst Part" and makes it even better [Premiere]

 Pressvre made a smashing debut with the remix of Last Lynx's "Curtains" and it left quite the impression on me. The follow up to such a quality remix had to be something stellar or we might have lost interest.

Pressvre didn't disappoint.

We have your first listen to Pressvre's second project, which came in the form of a remix of Stacey's "Worst Part". Like the first remix, there is a similar intensity in the production and it captivates me entirely. The magical blending of Stacey and Pressvre is immaculate and will definitely be getting put on repeat for a while. There is no "Worst Part", and definitely no 'bad parts' either. I'm curious to see what Pressvre will do with an original track and I can't wait to find out. Keep an eye on Pressvre and show some love to the latest remix below. You won't want to miss this!

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/156840357" width="100%" height="166" ifame="true" /]



"Worst Part" (Pressvre Remix)


Electronic · Exclusive · Feature · Pop


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Nova Spire
6 years ago

I remixed it too. https://t.co/Iu6j8YDR3M