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Let's get weird at Northern Nights Music Festival

Festival season has begun to take over our weekend activities, and we here at EARMILK are grabbing our sunscreen and working oh-so-hard to bring you coverage about big and small festivals all around...not that we ourselves aren't having a little fun along the way. 

The next festival coming up for us is Northern Nights Music Festival, held from July 18-20 in the legendary green-friendly area of Humboldt county. Stepping aside into the countryside is going to be a bit of a change of pace for us- for most of us at EM, we call cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles home. 

With killer scenery and a pretty wild lineup, nothing is going to stop us from partying our asses off at NNMF. Here are 5 artists we're looking forward to at the Festival. 





For anyone going to the festival EPROM has to be an exciting act to see. His name comes up often in our music-riddled daily conversations here, with the founder of EM himself being a huge EPROM fan. Why exactly do we love him? He's just plain weird, and we've heard his shows are equally killer. Listen to any one of his songs and its obvious why he's been a must watch producer with every eye on him. 








Paul Devro

 If you're a dance fan who's found themselves bobbing up and down in a sea of sweaty people to music from the famous Mad Decent Records, you not only have to thank Diplo, but this man, the A&R buddy and fantastic DJ Paul Devro. The Canadian-born DJ is responsible for a lot of the content pouring out of the now LA-based label, and while his name isn't quite a households like Diplo, it doesn't mean he can't party. He knows how to get down and get the action moving and we cannot wait to see how he reps LA (and Canada) in Humboldt. 











Lindsay Lowend

 What can I say, anyone with such a great pun-based name like that is definitely someone that's hard to forget. However, his name isn't the only thing that impressed us of course. His Wind Fish EP blew us away, and ever since then he's been someone every blog, producer, and fan has been keeping their eyes and ears locked on. It'll definitely be cool seeing him, and even though I don't know what to expect, word is his shows are great. 












 The Fade 2 Mind artist has been making sensual R&B-laden dance music since before it was everywhere; in other words, he's ahead of the curve and always has been. Kingdom's the name to know in the underground world, molding himself perfectly into somewhere where both people like me with an infinite infatuation with knowing every song that's ever coming out ever, as well as a less-music obsessed crowd can agree on- Kingdom is the ish. Haven't seen him before so he's definitely a must-see.  












Ana Sia

 Do we really need to say anything about Ana Sia in a weird little campground surrounded by the forest and nature that Northern California is known for? She's known for bringing style, grace, and huge amounts of energy into the mix. It's going to be a spiritual act, and we're not missing this one for sure. 






Thanks for checking out the first post on NNMF. We're so excited to be there, and we hope you join us! Check out the flier below!



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