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Howling Bells represent "Your Love" in a Glassmaps remix and interview [Premiere]

Active since 2004, Howling Bells have released four full-length albums to date. The most recent of which, released earlier this month, is entitled Heartstrings and it houses a collection of rock songs that fall somewhere between lo-fi garage rock and soothing piano based ballads.

Carrying out the lighter end, "Your Love" features a vocal centric drive, where singer Juanita Stein's voice is featured in the forefront before slipping behind the layers of instrumentation through the song's finale in shoegaze-esque fashion. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/145903841" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

One thing that Howling Bells stray away from in their sound is electronic backings, where barring rare remix treatment, their music captures its raw energy from the instrumental drive. Thus it is a surprising treat to experience their music in a new way, as with the Glassmaps remix of "Your Love". Lending itself beautifully to a minimalist soundscape, Juanita's vocals takes on a syrupy style, where it is slowed down and manipulated at times to make for a polished remix.

In speaking of the remix, video and general info behind Howling Bells, we caught up with both singer Juanita and her brother, lead guitar player Joel for an exclusive interview.


EARMILK: What does the Glassmaps Remix video represent to you?
Joel: What music looks like in images.
EM: Of your large catalog of music do you have a favorite song?
Joel: Heartstrings.
Juanita: I tend to love the ballads, so; "Ballad for the Bleeding Hearts" off our first album, "Nightingale" off our second, I really love "Sioux" of our 3rd record and "Heartstrings", as well as "Paper Heart" off the latest. Evidently, I'm unable to choose just one.
EM: Where do you find your inspiration when writing music?
Joel: Here, there and everywhere.
Juanita: I prefer music thats colored with sadness and a dark moodiness. So, certain films can take me there, as I feel completely immersed, strong, epic albums will put me there. Loneliness, nighttime, dreams, all that.
EM: With four full length albums under your belt, what advice do you have for aspiring indie artists?
Joel: Don't be scared to grow.
Juanita: Make it count.
EM: What have you been listening to lately?
Joel: Com Truise.
Juanita: War on Drugs and Lana Del Rays new album. Also, every Sunday on 6music they play some brilliant tunes, everything from Gypsy Jazz to 70s African blues. I'm always Shazaming on a Sunday.



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