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Joonas Hahmo follows up breakout hit "Gold Rush" with "Diamond Stash"

Finnish producer and DJ Joonas Hahmo returns today with another attempt to make his mark on the world of progressive trance with his latest release on his namesake Hahmo Recordings. Continuing the theme started on his Gold Rush EP, his style in both composition and earthly element naming once again fills an apparent void with the release of "Diamond Stash." Focusing on an emotional movement through piano and synths, the track is perfect for the festival, perfect for the pool party and ultimately makes us more excited about the promise Hahmo has to offer in staking a claim on this sound, and where he'll go with it in the coming months.


Joonas Hahmo

Diamond Stash

  • Hahmo Recordings
  • HAHMO014
Dance · Progressive


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