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Joonas Hahmo does trance 2.0 right on his 'Gold Rush / The Break-Up' EP

Joonas Hahmo is a part of a quickly growing crop of strong Finnish producers starting to make a statement in the trance music scene. What we've seen so far though, has really only been the style of those like Orjan Nilsen and other monster club hit-makers like him. Hahmo's latest EP Gold Rush / The Break-Up isn't the first to change up that style, but might be the first to catch our attention in recent months with the way that his EP is taking over the Beatport top releases chart. Both "Gold Rush" and "The Break-Up" are great examples of what many in the biz like to call "trance 2.0," but for those who haven't heard that term, think of it as trance you'd want to hear at a pool party. With summery, entrancing, futuristic synths accompanied by uplifting piano on "The Break-Up," and beefy chords and electro on "Gold Rush," there hasn't been something this marketable with this sound in quite some time (maybe since Audien's "Wayfarer), and I'm excited to see the trajectory it takes.


Joonas Hahmo

Gold Rush / The Break-Up

  • Hahmo Recordings
  • HAHMO013
Dance · Trance


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