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Wara From The NBHD channels N*E*R*D in "Scrilla"

However “Happy” Pharrell Williams may be with his mainstream chart success nowadays, N*E*R*D’s legacy of cutting-edge rock-infused hip-hop continues to influence the game. Brooklyn-born, Atlanta-based rapper Wara From The NBHD just released a track that pays tribute to the sounds of the creative trio, whose last record dropped way back in 2010.

Wara’s “Scrilla” stems from his love of the In Search Of album and strives to recreate the energy rolling through classic tracks such as “Rockstar”. Speaking on “Scrilla” being an attempt to make rebellious music with similar tones to N*E*R*D, Wara said, "I specifically remember playing 'Rockstar' over and over, telling myself, f***, I gotta make something on this level or the album just won’t be right".

With co-production from Justin Padron, the Logic-crafted beat evokes menacing vibes while Wara’s attention-commanding flow holds together a dynamic arrangement, introducing an electric guitar sample to the mix around the 2-minute mark.

Wara’s forthcoming concept album is called Kidnapped and “Scrilla”, a tale of “wilding out, not giving a f***”, is the second single to be released from the project. You can check it out below.

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