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Crookers is "Able To Maximize" your trip in new video [Premiere]

Crookers have always possessed a flare for unique productions, a quality carried on by both Phra and Bot in all of their solo endeavors. Respectively leading Ciao Records and Main Course, the two have left an undeniable legacy in the fidget house arena. Phra continues the Crookers namesake to this day, creating tracks that transform single words, blips, and bleeps into inventive electro works.

"Able To Maximize" perfectly embodies this, a bass-fueled adventure in beats and tweaks born during a random after dinner studio session. There's a humor and a simplicity to the track, which seems to be a lesson that disparate elements can be mixed in masterful combination in order to achieve greatness. If the song proves to be strangely stimulating, it makes sense that the video would follow cue.

 As such, the visual adventure features Phra washed up on the shores of a mythical island. In many ways, it reminds me of an almost sadistic Adventure Time tribute, because the brightly animated world features a host of interesting characters as a bull carries Phra through the town to an unknown destination. You may say his fate is fitting for an Italian man, but you'll have to watch to find out...



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