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Buckshot & P-Money connect with Pro Era's T'nah Apex for "Sweetest Thing" [Video]

It's the paradox we call reality: the good guys go unnoticed while the criminals prosper, feed the cycle, and become the archetypes for success. Make no mistake, these aren't victims of circumstance; moreover, they're part of something much larger than themselves and the city they call home.

"Sweetest Thing" isn't the optimistic plight that says we should just grab each other's hands and sing "Kumbayah," but it also isn't a track that says we should just give up everything we've worked for and conform to someone else's stereotypes. New York, an area guilty of selling you the dream, will continue to dupe the naive, but "Sweetest Thing" brings you back down to reality and reveals what is really going on. 

Buckshot has always been that dude. Whether you mess with his work from Boot Camp Clik, Black Moon, or his solo work, he's always bringing the heat. His mellow flow on this joint works well with New Zealand producer P-Money, who goes for a less-is-more approach with a breezy flute sample and some sparse drum sounds to act as the backdrop to these gritty bars.

While Buck's verses are nice, T'nah Apex steals the show with her Lauren Hill-esque delivery. If you haven't picked up Buckshot and P Money's latest album, BackPack Travels--and you really should; it's one of the nicest projects to come out this year--do that right now and support those cats who deserve to be heard. 

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