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Kid Gloves knocks out 'Third Round' EP

Kid Gloves is an artist that we don't hear much about outside of the direct postings from their home, Fool's Gold Records. This week has proved that we'd like to hear more about them, though, after hearing their latest EP on the label entitled Third Round. The evasive UK duo also known professionally as Freeform Five and the Freelance Hellrasier are both producers in popular music by day, and it's clear that when they get together as Kid Gloves, it's their time to let loose and have fun. Every track on Third Round has something unique to offer, from the deeper electro 80s sampling on the title track, to the R&B and funk sampling on "Stay the Same" and slow-mo breaks and Tawiah's vocals on "Wish I Never." Much like their brethren Duck Sauce, Kid Gloves has mastered using upbeat, forgotten-sounding sampling techniques to get a great vintage vibe across. And it's done with subtlety, as their name suggests.


Third Round

Kid Gloves

  • Fool's Gold Records
  • FGR106
Electro House · Future Funk · House


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