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Karma Exchange experiments with psychedelic animation on "Red Planet" [Video Premiere]

NYC based indie rock trio Karma Exchange released the new music video for track “Red Planet” last night off of their Neon Translation LP that came out in January, and when I saw it… I was legitimately fascinated by both the animation and music contained. Directed by Amanda Bonaiuto, the images are a lighter and decidedly psychedelic spin on the darker art works that she usually produces, which fits perfectly with the overall theme of the track. The instant impression that I had was the similarities that the animation bears to Tool’s infamous music video for “Sober” except that it projects an overall positivity, the element of desire contained without the crippling elements of addiction. Formed in 2009, KX, comprised of front man and guitarist Randy Runyon, Devin Collins on drums and Zak Croxall on bass, have been cultivating a unique sound in the NYC music scene since they relocated from Boston, and their preceding music video for “Lucky Ricochet” was recently accepted into the Brooklyn Film Festival, so basically, we already knew that this was worth one or even several views. On the helm of their CD release party of their live as yet untitled album of unreleased material (recorded in Greenpoint) on August 6th at the Mercury Lounge in NYC with Paris Monster "Red Planet" is the perfect beginning to a psychedelic summer in Brooklyn. 




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6 years ago

#musicradar : #NYC #rock“: @KarmaXchange experiments with psychedelic animation on "Red Planet" [Video ... - http://t.co/IyWEKE5rcv”