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Pixel Fix keep cool, calm and collected with"Lungs" [Premiere]

Easing the day along, Pixel Fix's newest song "Lungs" furthers their resonating grasp on the music scene with a rounded out vibe. Based out of Oxford, Pixel Fix are a four piece that have two atmospheric indie EPs of experience under their belt and they look to release a third, entitled Running Thin, on August 4th. Building on their previous material, Pixel Fix are at a place where they are completely comfortable with their unique sound and it shows within their music.

Beginning with a chillwave intro, "Lungs" quickly kicks into a heavy groove of intricate musicianship, where guitar and bass play off of each other to form a chunky and awing forefront. Soon thereafter vocals kick in as we are presented with a soothing break that is heavily carried by a shifting electronic backing. Bridging the gap between indie and forward-minded electronic music, Pixel Fix have carved out a niche with their sound, even though it seems so familiar as it is so easy to find comfort in their assessable style.

Preorder the  Running Thin EP on iTunes here.

Alternative · Chillwave · Exclusive · Indie · Synth


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