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Open Mike Eagle gives us an intimate portrait of struggle on "Very Much Money" [Video]

Alternative LA based hip-hop artist Open Mike Eagle recently released a live performance video for new track “Very Much Money,” in his signature, mellowed out style. Shot in a bowling alley, it’s an intimate portrait of his thoughts on both his friends and financial struggles that haunt those who decide to go their own way in the industry. Filled with both musical acts and more regular type onlookers living their lives comfortably the viewer easily relates to both the surprisingly wholesome setting and concepts contained.Like I discussed with him in our SXSW based interview back in March, Mike Eagle has paved his own musical path and no one has held his hand while he did it. Eagle’s care for the plight of his friends is clearly shown here, and even during our interview he truly struck me as an artist who wants to stay close to those he knew in the beginning. Fresh off the release of his new Dark Comedy LP and his recent Cosby show inspired video, Eagle is surely an artist to keep an eye on over the coming year. We assert that the struggle will not haunt him forever although he'll continue to keep his creations organic and sparkling personality real. 


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