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Ab-Soul remorsefully begs for "Closure" in new video

Ab-Soul has knack of reaching deep inside his soul to find inspiration for incredibly personal songs, which have a certain universal appeal. From "Day In The Life" on his debut mixtape, Longterm, to "Book of Soul," his lyrics give fans an opportunity to observe Soul's growing pains and maturity as an artist. With his follow up to Control System, These Days, due out next Tuesday, the public are finally getting their chance to hear multiple cuts from the highly anticipated album; his latest continues in the emotive tradition that he has established and near perfected through his previous releases.

 "Closure" is a heart-wrenching rap ballad that captures Ab-Soul at his absolute lowest point, during a relationship he really wanted to keep going. The JeromeD directed video, focuses on the emcee trapped in a prison of his own creation, in his side chick's bathroom, lamenting his bad decisions. While viewers are treated to sensual or melancholy scenes of Soul and his mistress, the visuals of his ex-girlfriend sadly ignoring the apologetic phone calls, in order to move on with someone new, help to paint a fuller situation of the entire situation.  JeromeD's use of muted colors and minimal props drain any modicum of happiness found in the plot, which compliments the atmosphere of the song itself exceptionally well.

Ab-Soul is at his best on "Closure"; perhaps it isn't his most lyrical performance, but the way he was able to use his words in such an emotive way, is beyond impressive. His faux singing, which sounds closer to sobbing at points, brings a sense of real sorrow. Every random off key note or hiccup in the delivery, further emphasizes how terrible he feels. You can't help but root for him at the end of the day, even though he is in the wrong. This isn't "Book of Soul", but the rhymes still touch hauntingly close to home. Soul mentions his ex-girlfriend, who passed away, and truly sounds heartbroken at moments. 

These Days will hit store and digital shelves June 24, to the excitement of fans everywhere. It has been a while since we last heard a full project from Ab-Soul, and we have high hopes for this one. "Closure" is an incredible track that really showcases his songwriting ability, which we hope will be on display next week.

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