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Croatia Squad releases 'Work It' EP with Enormous Tunes

The latest EP from Croatia Squad is definitely worth a listen. It's as if the Swiss producer has taken all of our favorite musical ingredients, placed them into a blender, and pressed the "Beautiful" button - which is just higher than "Puree", but lower than "Liquefy", if you were wondering. The result is wonderfully fun and is light-hearted enough to keep the dance floor moving. The EP is stacked with jams that I would like to hear out at summer daytime parties or on those late night adventures with your group of friends.

Alejandro Torres is the man behind Croatia Squad and he has delivered a healthy portion of  danceable material.The Work It EP has just been released in collaboration with Enormous Tunes, and the beats have been officially classified as nu-disco. The new tracks definitely revitalize the disco vibes, but holds tight to some fresh house beats in the background. You'll also hear some very diverse vocals throughout the title track "Work It" that range from eerie to divinely chopped vocals. The transition into the second track "Get You Off" is simple as both of the original tracks playback at a similar level of energy. When you get to the third track, you'll hear the French producer Mark Lower's remix of "Get You Off", which rounds out the EP with a nice interpretation of Croatia Squad's music.

Check out the tracks below or get yourself the Croatia Squad's Work It EP on Beatport here.

Dance · House · Nu-disco


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