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Noah O shares his once banned visuals for "R.I.Ch"

 Richmond, V.A. is a very peculiar place. Being a capital city and college town to VCU,  one could venture to say Richmond has a lot of old money. It's a city representative of an economic great divide. Single streets separate Million Dollar homes from trap houses...seriously. One street in particular, Monument Avenue, was the inspiration to Noah O's most recent release sharing the same name. 

Monument Avenue stands, more or less, as a big shining fuck you to the families of the people who spent blood sweat and tears building it up. So much so, that after years of  memorializing great Civil War generals of the Confederate Army, a monument of hometown hero Arthur Ashe was put up and a petition was put in motion by the forces that be to take it down, saying his presence wasn't fitting. 

Noah's single and video "R.I.C.h" is a testament to this kind of mentality in Richmond. The video was released once before but banned, almost immediately,  after people initially misjudged the message of the the track. It includes a pivotal audio clip of Brad Pitt's final line from the film "Killing Them Softly" that speaks fervently to the overall theme of not only the track but the album.

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