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Tac XII's self-titled EP is a 9th Wonder masterpiece

Probably the most enticing feature of being a music blogger is the closer connection you most certainly do achieve with many of the artists you write about. I love going to a festival or show and seeing a face in the crowd that I distinctly remember from a past post or feature. The surreality is at times overwhelming, depending upon who the artist is.

It's a different story when the artist comes to shoot a set of visuals in your backyard. The man I speak of today goes by Tac XII. Back in February I returned home late one evening to find him and his producer shooting the video for  "Masquerade" in what seemed to be the most unusual circumstances ever in my household. As always with shooting hip-hop videos, the s is played over and over. Maybe my first interest in Tac came with his ability to make a song that didn't get old with repetitive play.

That may not be enough credit. Tac XII dropped his self-titled EP yesterday, and I was shocked to see that the beats he used were produced by 9th Wonder, the god of all hip-hop production. Tac XII says he was inspired by 9th Wonder's 2012 "Tutankhamen" beat tape, which most likely explains the Egyptian cover art.

The EP showcases Tac's gritty lyrics and Kanye-like style, hinting at the kind of aggressiveness you don't normally see in today's trending hip-hop scene. Take a listen today and add a new favorite rapper to your list.


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