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Stream Chordashian's entire Moonbootica "These Days Are Gone" remix

Brooklyn’s Chordashian delivers another top notch remix to add to the list of reasons as to why these guys are amazing and a personal favorite. Michael Banks and Felix Feygin smooth out Moonbootica’s “These Days Are Gone” with nostalgic, starry-eyed production for a dreamy house mix. Set at a slower, bouncier pace, the track is still packed full of maximum club energy. They focus more on the vocals than the original mix did, which I really like among all the other delicious things going on here.


If you’re in Germany, you’re lucky enough to be able to purchase this along with the rest of Moonbootica’s These Days Are Gone EP. Everyone else is just going to have to wait for this little gem.


"These Days Are Gone (Chordashian Remix)"

  • Moonbootique Records
  • Available now in Germany, forthcoming worldwide
Dance · House · Nu-disco · Pop


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