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STWO gives us an after hours version of T-Pain's "Up Down"

You know when you feel an artist so much that other people just won’t be able to understand the magnitude of those feels? Those are our sentiments exactly, when it comes to the Parisian producer Stwo, a member of the high-class label, HW&W Recordings. Despite the fact that most people don’t know how to pronounce his name correctly (“Stew”), it hasn’t stopped them from giving him continuous attention and praise this past year for his unbelievable remixes. Listeners can all agree that his music bears this inexplicably sensational and compelling quality, and we’ve finally been able to articulate why: Stwo’s music is a straight up aphrodisiac! Though he’s been busy touring Australia and Europe this summer, fortunately for us, he has managed to dish out another salacious banger. Stwo takes T-Pain’s strip club anthem, “Up Down,” and gives us his own chopped and screwed version, perfect for some after-hours revelry. Shawty go in, sha-shawty go in.

Also if you haven't checked his Diplo & Friends mix that just dropped, check it out now. 



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