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Grenier puts us through the acid test with his remix of "And Work" from Eric Sharp [Premiere]

Eric Sharp is a man as eccentric and interesting as his moustache, which you’ll find is really fucking awesome. His musical influences stem from early Chicago and New York house music but his latest productions prove the he is a man that transcends conventional genre classification. In celebration of his forthcoming EP And Work!, which was co-produced by Sir DSS & KatXX. KatXX is the founder of LOVE F.A.M.E Records and a producer that is helping to bring female producers in the spotlight. Sharp is dropping a string of remixes to ease our eager hearts. Earlier a remix from Angger Dimas and today we have the pleasure of premiering the Grenier remix of the original. If Kesey and his merry pranksters still hosted their Acid tests, this track would surely be feature on the dance floor. Hyperactive melodies are paired with dripping acid synths, tribal percussion, and an atmosphere that is bat shit crazy, can you pass the acid test? Keep an ear out for the And Work! EP that is dropping on June 18th




Dance · House


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