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Kat Krazy hits reset on Naughty Boy's "Home" [Premiere]

It's been over two years since the anonymous Brit, Kat Krazy, burst onto the scene with his infectious Foster The People remix, enchanting the blogosphere with fast-paced indie pop remixes. Since then, the noted electronic act has gone on to craft more catchy reworks, as well as self-releasing the now-Armada track, "Siren". Fitting that the talented producer would be brought on to hype one of the U.K.'s biggest pop acts, Naughty Boy (born Sahid Kahn), and his forthcoming release on Virgin/EMI.

Following on his debut album's success, as well as his chart-topping singles, "La La La" and "Wonder", Kahn reemerged last month with "Home", featuring ROMANS's captivating vocals. The track leverages strong piano lines, minimal drum work, and heartfelt lyrics, creating a powerful, emotive song that speaks to the soul. Of course, Kat Krazy unequivocally transforms this, at times, bittersweet melody into a rollicking dance anthem. As the track climbs into the drop, euphoric chords join ROMANS, carrying a listener into a brighter day through a perfect balance of progressive and pop.

Naughty Boy has a full summer ahead of him with a slew of tour dates across Europe, heavily interspersed throughout July and August. Make sure to catch him live and pre-order the track to have it when it drops July 13th.

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Naughty Boy

"Home" (Feat. Rome) (Kat Krazy Remix)

  • Virgin/EMI


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