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Ebb and flow with Mister Lies' remix for "Movement"

The first time I met Mister Lies (Nick Zanca) was for his show with XXYYXX at the University of California San Diego. I had the great fortune of opening for both of them, finally getting the opportunity to play the chillest hyper-weird structureless beats in my library. I didn't really know what to expect from Nick, but when he started I was instantly enthralled. At the end of the night, I bought his album Mowgli and it pretty much changed the way I listen to and critique experimental music.

The remixed track, "Movement" of Portland's Arrange, is actually an incredibly dope song to begin with. In fact, the entire album is nothing short of inspiring. For the remix, Mister Lies takes the tune to a new height with his signature minimal glitch accoutrement and wood-based percussion. Preserving the vocals au jus, the refix maintains the original intention by leaving Arrange's vocals relatively untouched. Thoroughly a solid production from both artists.

Downtempo · Experimental


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