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Galavant gets dolled up in their video for "World of Dreams"

Hot on the heels of festival season, the Swedish duo Galavant have released a track that is sure to be a staple in many sets this summer. “World of Dreams,” is an upbeat dancehall anthem that builds perfectly and hits seamlessly. Energizing synths hit with uplifting notes and melodies that elevate you to new heights. Coordinating with the release, Galavant have dropped a video that’s like a mixture of Adrian Lux’s video for “Teenage Crime” and the blow-up doll obsessed Gosling in Lars and the real girl. It’s your every day story, girl falls in love, girl goes to club with guy, guy and girl dance, guy and girl go home, they hook up, guy gets caught watching barbies have sex, guy is a furry doll. Typically every day story.

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