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Dorothy rock your shoes off with debut single, "After Midnight"

While a majority of the listening audience are willing to gobble down the readily available, easily consumable, bright and bubbly pop styles hearing bands that appreciate some of older musical forms. There is nothing wrong with either, but there is something about a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and vocalist coming together to make good music, stripped of all of the sugary post production studio effects; perhaps, its the purity or the reliance of highly trained skills that birth incredibly varied talent. Whatever the case may be, Dorothy, a band hailing from Los Angeles, bring that feeling and embody that traditional bluesy-rock vibe.

Named after their lead vocalist, Dorothy bring high energy and blaring performances from every member of the band. Their debut single ,"After Midnight," would be at home in a smokey blues club or an equally smokey rock venue. Zac Morris punishes his drum set, saving some extra special treatment for his cymbals, giving the track a chaotic tone. Mark Jackson's and Eliot Lorango's chemistry is something to be praised; with the former weaving his guitar solo beautifully in tune with the latter's bass line. Dorothy, herself, contributes a domineering vocal performance; her screeches and yells get better and more soulful as the song progresses. She sings her absolute heart out for two minutes. 

Like the band's composition, the visuals for "After Midnight" are relatively simple, but powerful. Dorothy in a fur coat performs her part, with vigor, throwing her hair all over the place. Each member is thrashing and almost beating their respective instruments, until their preferred sound is emitted. Each scene is gritty and dark, with spotlights providing most of the light, but it works to show their personality and rock roots.

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Dorothy's "After Midnight" is what rock traditionalist have been waiting for, but they provide something for everyone. Dorothy's vocals can enamor any listener, with her badass delivery, and the band's style is so infectious. There future is bright and we look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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