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Ookay talks summer plans, trolling, ghost production, and pizza with full release of Juicy J remix [Premiere + Download + Interview]

It's always refreshing to come across artists who don't take their work too seriously, and Ookay is a perfect example. There are very few producers like him who can pull off incorporating a sense of humor into a well-produced track that's worth listening to.

Well, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, the man himself has shared with us the full release of his remix of Juicy J's "Having Sex". Though clearly not meant to be taken too seriously, this tune will no doubt blow up the festival stage, throwing down a ridiculous, bass-filled drop, even leaving some of the original verses in tact. So go ahead: press play, grab your free download, and see what the trap-game jokester has to say about the future. 




EM: It looks like you’ve got a pretty full schedule this season with a lot of first-time appearances, including at EDC Las Vegas. Stoked? Nervous? Who’re you most excited to play alongside?
O: I’m not nervous, I’m more excited. I’ve played in front of big crowds before so I don’t have stage fright. I’m more excited to play songs that I’ve been keeping to myself. I’m excited to be playing alongside more of my friends actually. Being able to support each other is always fun and just hang out. These festivals are a reunion of sorts.
EM: Of the other artists you get to hang out with, any good stories about shenanigans you’ve gotten into with them? Anyone you see yourself maybe getting into a little bit of trouble with this summer?
O: A gentleman will never tell ;) BUT there will definitely be some awesome stories this time around. I didn’t get to participate in many of the festivals last year as I was still building my career but now it’s time to celebrate and really go all out with these sets at shows. If I’m going to get into any trouble it’s probably going to be with 12th Planet, Borgore, Caked Up, Adventure Club, Dirtyphonics, Showtek or Hardwell ;)
EM: When the ladies scream your name at festivals, how often do you hear “O-Okay” and/or “Oooookay” being yelled instead of the actual pronunciation?
O: It’s a little bit a both. The pronunciation is “okay” as you normally would say. I definitely need to make a PSA about this situation because I get that question a lot.
EM: You’re definitely known for being one of the biggest trolls out there (maybe second to the Mau5 – unclear). When do you think you’ve been at your funniest?
O: Wait… you’re saying I’m not the biggest troll? This interview is over. Get out of my hot tub.
EM: Okay, well pretty please tell us about your upcoming EP on Buygore/single on Skink. Can we expect some influences from your other projects (Leisure and Coaster)?
O: Coaster is busy ghost producing for Avicii so I have no idea what he’s up to. I can tell you that this new EP on Buygore is definitely going to be a blend of listening tracks as well as club bangers. Leisure died in a twerk competition against Diplo so RIP in peace to that guy. But I’m looking forward to the release. Expect it early Fall or Winter. My single on Skink (Showtek's label) is going to be a panty-dropper (release date TBA).
EM: Speaking of your other projects/genre interests, do you think trap is going to stale out? You definitely have a very unique style that distinguishes you from other producers, but it looks like even you might be thinking about something new.
O: I’m not the biggest fan of what is going on with trap, doesn’t mean I don’t like making it. It’s actually really easy for me to make it. I honestly try to listen to anything BUT trap when I can so I’m not heavily influenced when I hit the studio by other tracks. I guess you can tell because I have my own style. I love trying new genres, as a producer, I think it’s very important to challenge yourself and really test your boundaries.
EM: Finally, it seems you and many other artists have an apparent obsession with pizza (it’s pretty much all over your social media/merch – it’s not a secret). Can you go into detail about where that comes from, or is it just a trap producer thing?
O: Ask yourself this question…do you know anyone who hates pizza? There is literally a pizza for everyone. Same goes for music. No one hates music and there’s a different music style for everyone. That was deep. I’ll let that sink in… *Gabber kick*

Juicy J

Having Sex (Ookay Remix)

  • Buygore
  • June 11, 2014


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