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Sun Glitters reworks Stumbleine and Violet Skies' "Her Touch" [Download]

20 seconds into Sun Glitters’ remix of Stumbleine and Violet Skies’ collaboration, “Her Touch,” everything goes quiet, and the beat drops. This is a bit strange, as Sun Glitters, real name Victor Ferreira, is about as far as it gets from a brostepping face-melter. A Soundcloud commenter explains how these drops can work both ways; “this gap is necessary. Without it you would not be prepared for the chillness.”

Sun Glitters makes chill music, but he does it in a pretty badass way. His tracks are sluggish and sun-dappled, but always have a powerful low end. Here, Ferreira works magic with the work of UK producer Stumbleine and Violet Skies, who released an entire collaborative album, Dissolver, in April via Monotreme Records. While the original is an R&B track with a strong, clear vocal from Violet Skies, Ferreira obscures it in a haze of bass and delicate melody, slowing it down considerably and interestingly, masculinizing the vocal by downshifting the pitch. Think SBTRKT remixed by Balam Acab. Like the Sun itself, Sun Glitters is both pleasant and pretty damn powerful. Grab a free download below.

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Stumbleine & Violet Skies

"Her Touch" Sun Glitters remix

  • Monotreme Records
  • 'Dissolver' out now
Ambient · Electronic · Psychedelic


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