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Fox Stevenson gets lyrical in his video for "Simple Life" [Premiere]

Fox Stevenson is a unique artist in the electronic landscape that is carving away for himself with his pop-punk inspired approach to dance music. Picture a Forever The Sickest Kids without the shitty whiny autotuned vocals, or a 3OH!3 without the misogynistic and lackluster lyrics. In essence, Fox Stevenson embodies everything the pop-punk movement aspired to be but failed. His latest EP release All This Time is a merger of the two styles in a strong way.

Well-crafted lyrics are laid atop high-octane and catchy melodies that are reminiscent of All Time Low meets Innerpartysystem. Stand out singles on the EP are tracks like “Crystal” which is a more melodic and low-key side of Stevenson that is both endearing and captivating. Another notable track is “Simple Life” which as in your face, scream from the top of a roof, straighten your bangs with your sisters straightener kind of vibe.

Following the EP release is a well-animated lyric video for “Simple Life,” which EARMILK has the honor of premiering. Cleverly animated text is positioned on a pulsating rubiks cube looking object. Take a look at the video, memorize the words, steal your sisters skinny jeans, pierce your lip, straighten your hair, and rock the fuck out – this is a surprising heater you’re going to love.

Fox Stevenson Art


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