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YC the Cynic makes his return with "Night Thoughts"

YC the Cynic is back again and about to take the world by storm. Bringing his intellectually stimulating flow back into the scene, it's definitely fine time the NY rapper showed everyone how its done. I for one, can't wait to see what he's about to do in the coming months. 

He's back this time with a visual release for "Night Thoughts," which begin with a woman doing a walk most women in their twenties, myself included, are very familiar with. Apparently this draws a lot of references from Donnie Darko, but that's a movie I missed (I KNOW), so I won't make any final calls about that here. What I can say is that his flow here is absolutely on point, and the simplicity of the beat with the vocals of the female singer bring a frightening touch to the brilliance of YC's lines. 

YC is one of the great rappers out there standing for strong lines with meaning, and in a world where the message is becoming less and less clear in music, he's standing bright as more than just an entertainer, but a poet with a clear goal. 

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