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Fearce Vill pays tribute to his fallen family on "Final Goodbye" [Video Premiere]

 Dealing with death is the ultimate test of a man. While experiencing the loss of a loved one is arguably the most difficult thing you can go through, it allows us to remember them for who they truly were and reminds us that our time on this planet is short. But while life seems bleak, the one we know is, to quote the OG Robert Frost, that it goes on. "Final Goodbye" from Fearce Vill perfectly captures this idea of acknowledging death, but also having the strength to carry on and help other with their similar situations. From it's sparse drums to the heavy guitar sample, the Yuk the World affiliate's track instantly hits home. Instead of filling his bars with useless phrases, you can tell that the Seattle rapper meticulously chose these words and stories in order to get his message across. Give the track a download and catch Fearce Vill on tour right now as he makes his way across America with Grieves of Rhymesayer's fame.  

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