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Fabz shows us he's anything but 'Lost', on his brand new EP

The Manchester hip hop scene has gone through something of a growth spurt these past couple of years. Emcee's such as Shotty Horroh, D'Lyfa Reilly and Bugzy Malone are just a few of the names that have been injecting the scene with a fresh batch of hip hop goodness.

There's one artist who's been bubbling under the surface for a little while now, and he's ready to explode; that man is Fabz. The 24 year old emcee, who hails from the tough estates of Salford, has been on quite a journey through his short life so far, and his brand new EP Lost aims to tell his story up to this point. Released on the newly-formed Manchester label Room2 Records, the eight track strong project is 23 minutes of straight hip hop gold that takes you on a trip through Fabz's life through his eyes. Each track carries a different subject matter, yet the brilliant lyricism and flow remains, making for an engaging listen. Production credits go to Fabz himself, alongside Kydro (head honcho at Room2 Records), Pro P and I Man. From the classic sounding sampled beats such as "Ride Or Die", to the trap-like "From Day" and the deeper, darker vibes of "Just Like You", which harks back to his raves-scene roots, Fabz has compiled a truly great body of work, and one of the most important and influential releases to come out of the Manchester hip hop scene in a while.

You can stream Fabz's Lost EP in it's entirety below, and if you're liking what you're hearing you can download it for FREE from here.

fabz lost EP artwork


Lost EP

  • Room2 Records
  • 30th May, 2014
Hip-Hop · Rap · U.K.


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